New Podcast with Paradox Brown: Coffee with Alien Resistance

Just wanted to let you all know, Guy Malone and I have started a semi-weekly podcast together over at Alien Resistance, called Coffee with Alien Resistance. For anyone who’s interested you can subscribe using my podcast button (upper right of page). Here’s a list of episodes to date:
Guy Malone’s Story
Paradox Brown’s Story
Power and Love Conference
The 4 Churches Today (see my video link at right – same audio)
Interview with Dr. Michael S. Heiser, Author of the Facade, on his upcoming new book The Portent. We announce an ongoing contest to win an autographed copy of The Portent when it’s released.
Interview with Pastor Joshua Stump, director of Anchor Mission USA
WARN! A Rapture Readiness Revolution
A Modern Guide to Demons and Fallen Angels © 2007-2013
Paradox Brown

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