Book of Revelation: Summary of Conclusions About The Future – Bible Prophecy Part 5

The Book of Revelation Foretells the Future. If you would like to be better prepared for the events that are coming, that will happen in the future, then you might want to watch this. The subject matter of this video is potentially alarming, as it’s foretelling dark events to take place before Jesus Christ returns. The entire book of Revelation is discussed in a summary of the major things you will likely need to know as the time draws near for these events to happen. The time to prepare for surviving coming events is now. Whether you are Protestant, Catholic, Orthodox, Independent, or a Charismatic, any type of Christian, this video is for you. But even if you are not a Christian at all, you will likely still find this video beneficial. The entire book of Revelation is covered, topics discussed include: The Rapture, what may happen with those who are not Raptured, the catastrophic – and likely involving meteors, asteroid, or comets – events of the 6th Seal through the 4th Trumpet, The identity of the Antichrist, Abaddon, identifying the Antichrist spirit as it is working today, The Return of the Sons of God, the locust-horse creatures of the 5th Trumpet, The army of 200 million horse-lions of the 6th Trumpet, The Two Witnesses, how the idea of “aliens” may factor into all of this, The False Prophet, What the Seal of God is (likely a cross) and when people should put it on their foreheads to avoid being stung by the locusts, the identity of Mystery Babylon, The Day of the Lord, The Wrath of God, the 70th Week, the Prophetic Timetable, and the Gathering. Starts off with presenting the idea that the 2nd Seal seems to likely be open, and we may be heading into the 3rd Seal presently, and how the Seals seem to work, as well as looking at Matthew 24 and the parable of the fig tree, end times instructions in James 4-5, and the need for Love in the end times among Christian brothers and sisters. You can download a copy of this video for free using If you only watch 1 video in this series, this would be the one to watch, and the 2nd would be Part 4 in this series for more information on: The Church Letters in Revelation and the Rapture Free online books and videos… with more on this subject matter and things mentioned in this video. For questions, email me at I do not have a “marketing department”, so if you don’t share this information around, people may not come to know some of this key preparation material. So please consider sharing this information around with as many people as you can easily reach in your circles. Thank you. If anyone would want to help me out with this, I really could use someone to help by transcribing the audio of this video. Please let me know if you can. Thank you.
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Paradox Brown

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  1. Kenneth Blough
    Nov 14, 2013

    I was Very surprised at your Bible studies for I had never heard the Creation the way you put it and , to say the least , that drew me into it more….and i am a man with an open mind and i am definitely going to study your teachings. I appreciate the work you have done.
    I love to listen to your voice for it is very soft and feminine and easy on the ears. Thank you

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