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Contained on this website are Bible Studies, from a sola scriptura perspective, giving a large amount of information on Satan, demons, fallen angels, bible prophecy, spiritual warfare, and much on the nephilim topic. The information here is mainly contained in the format of two online books, that are free to read online in their entirety, which are meant to be read in the listed Chapter order (top to bottom). It would be best to start with ‘ A Modern Guide to Demons and Fallen Angels’ and then the ‘Bible, Physics, and the Abilities of Fallen Angels’ – which while focused on alien abduction, should also help you better understand other types of paranormal phenomena as well. This site covers a variety of paranormal topics from a Biblical Christian perspective. I also have various independent articles on other topics, and growing “books in the works” collections on the topics of Nephilim, and also on Bible Prophecy. For general comments or questions, email info@paradoxbrown.com

If you would be interested in getting these books in Paperback or for Kindle, please see the Books link to the left. Everything I have for sale is also available on this site for free. I also have a new video/audio/blog section I’ve decided to call  “Breaking Paradigms”, and you can check there for my latest posts. More to come, to keep up with new videos subscribe to me on Youtube or RSS. I also am co-hosting a podcast called “Coffee with Alien Resistance”, which you can find at the Podcast button at the upper right.

I decided that after several years it was finally time to give this website a new look. I hope you like it, and that these changes will make everything easier for you to read, find, and share. My other websites have also gotten a new look, check them out off the link menu to the left. The books have gone through some major revisions since their first publication, as my books get updated as I continue to learn in Bible study and my thinking gets refined. To me, this is more of a lifelong ministry calling to put out solid information on these topics. Thus each of my books represents more of an ongoing project to provide the best information I can on each of these topics, keeping up with my current research. So if you haven’t read them in a while, you might find them to be a semi-new read, somewhat different, (I hope) with interesting new material that (I hope) is better written and more easy to understand.

If you need info or help in stopping paranormal attacks, please see the Help page for further resources and feel free to email me.

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-Paradox Brown

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