If you are currently finding yourself in some sort of situation where you need help, like:

If you are having recurring weirdness with paranormal elements, such as: ghosts, orbs, shadow people, angels, fallen angels, demons, aliens, hybrids, UFOs, nephilim, bigfoot, dopplegangers, doubles of people you know, time-travelers, experiencing space-time shifts, whether of the past, present, or future… or time-shifts, whether you are gaining, losing, or displacing time… or switching between parallel universes in the multiverse… or “Brigadoon”-like experiences, if you believe you have been impregnated by an alien, an angel, a fallen angel, a demon, a nephilim, or any other non-regular-human entity, etc.


 On the condition that it is in such a way that despite all their illegal harassment you cannot prove a thing to the police nor give them a name they will file charges against:
If you are currently being harassed by the top-secret advanced technology of a nefarious secret group that is part of a conspiracy against the mainly unsuspecting public, groups such as the Illuminati, including the Nephilim Illuminati, government or military organizations or their agents, including those working with aliens, etc. OR If you are currently being harassed by the magic of, or being abducted/abused by an occult group (including but not limited to satanists), possibly who are part of a large-spread powerful underground network, possibly with government ties, who tend to cover up the proof of what they are doing to you, etc.



Please read, listen, watch, work or pray through these resources:
The 3 Causes of Experiences – the general 3 causes of why people get any type of paranormal harassment – this page tailored to the “alien abduction” type but is the same for any type of paranormal harassment
En Espanol, Las 3 Principales Causas de Abducciones

The 8 R’s to Freedom – 8 steps to help stop any type of paranormal harassment, this page tailored to the “alien abduction” type, but the same 8 R’s to Freedom work for any type of paranormal harassment
Go through the Spiritual Warfare Baptism Prayer Sessions on this site, and read through the links to learn more about spiritual warfare:
Breaking Demonic Legal Grounds – Closing the Doors
Breaking Generational Curses And much more is available to study online to help you learn more about spiritual warfare against demons and fallen angels, at
You can also go here and start reading/praying through the linked pages and information here:

I highly recommend listening to the free online Jesus Style audiobook to help you relate more personally to Jesus Christ. I also would recommend you to watch the videos of Todd White’s preaching, here’s a playlist of some good ones, and listen carefully to what he says about identity, and spiritual warfare:

In just about all situations, I would recommend finding a local church for fellowship with Christians, and Bible study, or even just getting together with other Christians for fellowship on a regular basis.

And perhaps the best advice I can give you right now, if any attack/harassment starts happening, is to call out “Jesus!” to Him, no matter what sort it is. Many people have found this works to stop these experiences dead in their tracks, myself being one of them, and you can read/listen to  hundreds of testimonies of many of these sorts of attacks/harassment stopping in the name of Jesus Christ online here:

If you think you need deliverance help, like a demon oppressing your soul (mind/emotions/will), I would first suggest finding a born-again Christian with spiritual warfare ministry experience in your local area, or simply a Christian church which believes in gifts of the Holy Spirit, where a Christian may be able to pray for you about it.

After looking through these resources, and trying these steps, if you feel you need further assistance, while I am just a private individual, I would be glad to try to help. Please feel free to email me at, and tell me about what’s going on.

If you are not a Christian:

I used to not be a Christian either.  And I did not become one by being indoctrinated into it, and I’m not going to even attempt to try to indoctrinate you into it either. What I will say is that whatever your beliefs are, whether it’s one of the other major world religions, or something more Wiccan, or what people might label as “New Age”, or something you have figured out for yourself, or even if you are an atheist, I know that if you are at all intellectually honest with yourself, you know there is some infinitesimally small chance that your beliefs could be wrong, and that despite all appearances and every valid reason, from which you have rejected Christianity as false, there is some infinitesimally small chance, however unlikely it is, that it is at least possible that Christianity could be true, and that everything you think you know now could be all messed up.

For some people, you know you have examined everything, and through experience, are rather content that your beliefs are fine, and content to reject Christianity as false, or at least certainly not the “only truth” as Christians claim it is – and I can understand that. But you know if you are honest about it, however absurd and unlikely as it may be – I think you’d have to admit – there is always that extremely improbable chance that you are living within a ‘contained’ system in which the truth could be outside of your or anyone’s grasp. What I am referring to is one of those more philosophical-mind-experiments, like that you are living in the Matrix, or were raised in the Truman Show, or like in Logan’s Run, or even like in MIB finding out this entire universe was contained like a jewel, hanging from the collar of some macro-celestial cat of a larger universe. If in fact the truth was a scenario such as any of these, the truth would be outside of your grasp, on the other side of a ‘contained’ system, and you would never be able to know you were in a ‘contained’ system through examining everything, or through experience.

And even those of you of the most staunch scientific mind, keeping up with the latest in physics and cosmology, have to admit the facts we know about this universe do not preclude this sort of possibility – in fact, the facts point to there being more out there in the realms of larger invisible dimensions which we may not even occupy in our locality, and events with causes that are seemingly beyond our grasp, and that there is more possible out there that we don’t know about, and more than we may even be able to know about.

Surely, if you are honest with yourself, you have to admit that this could be the case, that however ridiculously unlikely, it is possible that you currently really are living in a ‘contained’ system, and that everything you think you understand is either wrong or at best incomplete: and worse than this, it is possible that the normal progression of life for you and all humanity in this ‘contained’ system, has us all come to the end of our lives, with never having even known of the existence of this contained system we spent our entire lives in.

I think you have to admit, reality could be this way, and you might never know it, and spend your entire life believing something that was wrong or incomplete, and even worse, it might be the case that no person ever, through all and every manner of effort, could ever come to know of the existence of the contained system, let alone the nature or characteristics of it.

Perhaps you might protest that things surely cannot be this way, out of some feeling of not liking the implications. Yes, things CAN be this way, regardless of how you, or I, or anyone else might feel about it. And I would have to point out – assuming that reality or the universe has to fulfill some moral prerogative to allow for you to be able to know the actual truth – is a belief based entirely on a hope or faith that reality or the universe is capable of having morals or a prerogative to start with.

Let’s face it, we cannot prove a damn thing. We make the assumption that the truth is knowable somehow, because that is the way we would like reality to be, even though we all know deep down that the fact is that it is entirely possible that the nature of reality could be such that we might never be able to know the truth about it, and that therefore everything we think we know may be bunk. Most of humanity shares the starting point of an optimistic shared belief that the truth can be known, and functions accordingly, not because it is logical or honest or scientific, but simply because what we would like to believe is that the truth is potentially knowable. We essentially all share the starting point of believing whatever it is we would like to believe about reality – that the truth about reality can be known – and then diverge into various different belief systems from there. So at the heart of whatever beliefs you currently hold as true, your foundation is the hope/faith-based belief that the truth can be known. And I hope you can be honest with yourself and honestly admit that is entirely based not on logic or science or experience or fact, but solely on you just having decided to believe whatever it is you would like to believe, because you like believing it, you simply like believing that about reality.

So it all seems fair enough – if all humanity is living in a ‘contained’ system, which we do not know and could never know, even though we all have to admit it’s possible that the truth about reality may be unknowable – then we might as well all share the hope/faith-based belief that we are not in a contained system and that the truth about reality can be known – and go our separate ways of different belief systems, all founded upon each of us just having decided to believe whatever it is we would like to believe.

And of course, if you really are living in a ‘contained’ system, then I must be living in the same ‘contained’ system with you. And as I am a Christian, and I have beliefs, my beliefs also must be founded on the hope/faith-based-belief that the truth about reality can be known, which means that just like you, deep down I have just decided to believe whatever it is I would like to believe.

So of course, as we are all in this together,  founding all of our different belief systems on the same decision, to just believe whatever it is we would like to believe, then we all can just believe what we like, but should be respectful and not look down upon other people’s different belief systems based from our shared starting point, as really we are all doing the same thing – and it’s just blatant hypocrisy for me to say that my belief system that I believe just cause I like it, is superior to your belief system that you believe just cause you like it. Really, what does it boil down to but, “My self-imposed delusion is better than yours!” And so you see, I am fine with, and don’t judge you for believing whatever you want to believe.

But here is the paradox, or catch 22: us all choosing to believe whatever we would like only really does make sense if in fact we all really are in a ‘contained’ system in which knowing the truth is impossible.  Let me expound upon that.

If you are in fact in a ‘contained’ system in which the truth is in fact unknowable, then sharing in a mass optimistic hope/faith-based belief decision to believe the truth is knowable, where you believe whatever you like, and others believe whatever they like, and where we all are respectful of eachother’s beliefs as they are just personal preferences which cannot be shown right or wrong, makes total sense for peace and harmony in a shared realistic humility among humanity, and it seems morally praiseworthy – it is what seems prudent for us all to get along best peacefully.

However, if you are in fact living in an ‘open’ system in which the truth is in fact knowable, and in which you believe the truth is knowable, then believing whatever you like, and everyone else believing what they like, respectful of other’s beliefs, like the truth is a personal preference which cannot be shown right or wrong, makes no sense at all. If in fact any belief structure in this ‘open’ system is the truth, then that belief structure is correct, and all the other different belief structures are incorrect. And so it becomes your task to find that true belief structure, rejecting all the false belief structures along the way.

But the truth is, you are still stuck with having to admit that you could be in a ‘contained’ system in which the truth is unknowable, and not know it, and you will never attain it, no matter what you do. Which means you are still stuck with having to admit that any belief structure you adopt is still founded upon a hope/faith-based belief that the truth is knowable and attainable. And so you still are just operating from a decision to believe whatever you would like to believe.

That being the case, here are some questions:

A. Having the particular belief structure you hold, that you now know is founded solely upon hope/faith, and a decision to believe whatever you would like to believe, do you now believe that you are living in a ‘contained’ system in which the truth about reality cannot ever be known? If so, then while you have your belief, I have mine, like flavors of ice-cream you believe neither is right or wrong, like putting on a coat when it’s cold out, it’s all a matter of what works for you at the time. I want to suggest to you some good practical reasons why you might want to try my flavor for while, slip into the coat of Christianity for a time, but keep reading for now, because there’s more…

And if not,

B. Or is it that, having the particular belief structure you hold, that you now know is founded solely upon hope/faith, and a decision to believe whatever you would like to believe, do you still believe that you are living in an ‘open’ system in which the truth about reality can be known? 

If your answer is No, then see A.

But if you answered Yes, what do you base that answer on? The only thing that makes sense is to believe that we are all in a ‘contained’ system in which the singular truth cannot be known. No matter how you slice things, the possibility always remains that you are in a ‘contained’ system in which the truth is unknowable, and you will never know it, or even know you are in a contained system. Believing you are in a ‘contained’ system in which the truth is unknowable is therefore the lowest common denominator: it is a fact that this is a possibility that you cannot get around or dispose of. So how can you still believe that you are in an ‘open’ system where the truth is knowable? The only thing that is intellectually honest and makes sense is for us all to admit we may be in a ‘contained’ system, as the possibility that this is the case can never be done away with.
I mean, do you really expect me to believe that you are so sure that you know your particular belief structure is correct,  that despite you now knowing it is founded solely on hope and faith, and despite knowing it stems out of your decision to just believe whatever you would just like to believe, that nevertheless you believe we are in an ‘open’ system where truth can be known? Surely, you have to admit that the possibility that you are in a ‘contained’ system exists, and so your belief structure has to be founded upon a hope/faith-based belief that the truth about reality is knowable, and you are just believing whatever you have decided you would like to believe, the same as everyone else does.

To say you still have the particular belief structure you hold, and still believe you are in an ‘open’ system where the truth about reality is knowable, is tantamount to saying that the particular belief structure you hold is the singular truth about reality, and that everyone else is wrong, and your belief structure is the only one that is correct, and you are Sure of it! That would be ridiculous! How can you be Sure that you are not in fact just in a ‘contained’ system, where the truth is unknowable, and you will never even be able to tell you are in a ‘contained’ system?

If you think you are in an ‘open’ system of the truth being knowable, and think you know the singular truth, how can you claim you Know that you are not just in a ‘contained’ system where the truth cannot be known? I mean, the only way for you to do that is to completely deny the possibility that you could be in a ‘contained system’. If reality is a ‘contained’ system, then you would be wrong, and even if reality is an ‘open’ system, then being what and as it is, it is an ‘open’ system in which the possibility that it is a ‘contained’ system cannot be denied. It seems there is just no way to get around it, no matter what you believe….. (errr….well…. I suppose there actually is one way to get around it…. hang on a second…)

To pause, if your answer is still yes, then I won’t fault you for that, and hope you won’t fault me either, as that would be rather hypocritical of you. Because as a Christian, the belief structure I hold is founded solely upon faith and hope, stemming out of a decision to believe whatever I would like to believe, and I believe that we are living in an ‘open’ system where the truth about reality can be known – and I know that I know the truth. I am Sure!

So… how do I get around it? How is it that I can deny that I am in a ‘contained’ system, how can I deny that possibility, a possibility which herein I have pushed so hard that this possibility always exists and remains, and that it cannot be ignored or avoided? Am I just exceedingly illogical or arrogant?

No, because there is a third option, and that is if this reality is both a ‘contained’ system and an ‘open’ system at the same time. Maybe you are like… “Waaaait a minute, that cannot be”. Sure it can. A ‘contained’ system system simply has to be placed inside of an ‘open’ system, or an ‘open’ system placed inside of a ‘contained’ system, in order for that to be true, and in this case it is both. Maybe you are like “What? That makes no sense!” You are right, it doesn’t seem to. But, if you will forgive my potentially illogical arrogance for a moment: that is the way it is, and this is how:

A ‘contained’ system is one in which the truth is unknowable, and you would never know it, and an ‘open’ system is one in which the truth is knowable.

The truth that can be known (the ‘open’ system) inside of this ‘contained’ system (of not knowing if this is a ‘contained’ system or not), is “that the possibility that this is a ‘contained’ system cannot be done away with”. Therefore the truth that can be known (the ‘open’ system) is that it is best to accept you are in a ‘contained’ system – in which “beliefs openly admitted to be based on hope/faith are the only beliefs that are being truthful”, this being another truth that can be known (inside the ‘open’ system inside the ‘contained’ system). Being inside of a ‘contained’ system, by no means of your own could you ever figure the truth out. In fact the only way you would ever know the truth is if it came to you, the ‘open’ system beyond reaching down into the ‘contained’ system it encapsulates.

You will never find out this is the Truman show until someone from the outside tells you and you see it yourself, you will never know you are hanging on that MIB macro-celestial cat’s collar unless somehow someone from that world tells you and you see it yourself, you will never know there is a Sanctuary beyond unless the computer who knows tells you it’s there and you see it yourself, and you will never know you are in the Matrix until someone tells you and you see it yourself.

You will not get yourself out. The ‘open’ system outside, where The Truth is, has to go inside of the ‘contained’ system where you live, where “beliefs are based on hope/faith” is one of the only knowable truths, (inside of the ‘open’ system that is inside of the ‘contained’ system) where the only truthful way for you to believe The Truth is by a hope/faith-based belief.

So how can anyone claim to know they are not in a  ‘contained’ system, but an ‘open’ system? To do that someone must have been in a ‘contained’ system and then seen beyond it, been taken out of it, into the ‘open’ system where The Truth is knowable. Only after having been in the ‘contained’ system, and after having left the ‘contained’ system for the ‘open’ system, can you know that you are no longer in the ‘contained’ system, and that you are in an ‘open’ system.

But understand, all of this requires for The Truth to reach in and tell you- which requires communication, and action, and some effort, and caring to make that effort – in other words it requires there to not be something, but Someone, an individual, in the ‘open’ system beyond, an individual who knows the Truth, cares enough to reach in and try to tell you and show you the Truth, and for all intrinsic purposes to anyone in the ‘contained’ system – that Someone from the ‘open’ system IS the Truth – because the only way you will ever know the Truth is if that Someone would reach in, and tell it and show it to you- breaking you out of the ‘contained’ system into the ‘open’ system. If that Someone did not reach in, tell you, and show you, and break you out, then you would never know the Truth or know whether you knew the Truth or not, because you would never be able to break past the possibility that you are still in a ‘contained’ system. You have to leave a ‘contained’ system and enter the ‘open’ system to know. But the only way in truth in this ‘contained’ system you could believe that Someone, to start it all off, would have to be by a hope/faith-based belief.

So what am I saying? I am saying I believe Jesus Christ is the Morpheus from the ‘open’ system reality – and that you cannot break out of the ‘contained’ system, or escape the possibility of being in a ‘contained’ system, without Him. And I’m not saying this works because anyone does stuff to work their way to understanding the truth – we have already covered this – you cannot strive to get to it, it’s not about reading thousands of years of history in the Bible, or visiting the churches nearby. No, what I’m saying is what has to happen real-time, in the present,  is that you have to get in contact with The Truth, you need to interact with The Truth, and trust what The Truth says by a hope/ faith-based belief – and because you trust, you take the red pill, and experience The Truth for yourself.  No one can just tell you what The Truth is, you have to experience it for yourself – but that all starts with a conversation, and deciding your hope/faith-based beliefs need be trust in Jesus Christ. He is The Truth – which is exactly what He claims to be – He says to You: “I am the way, and The Truth, and the life; no one comes to the Father but through me.” Jn 14:6


I have seen outside the Matrix, because Jesus Christ, The Truth from outside the Matrix, told me and showed me the Truth, and I have experienced The Truth. And like Neo later plugged back in, I’m not really just here, I share His perspective now from the ‘open’ system outside also, and know The Truth, and nothing looks the same inside the Matrix as it once did. Now, if it’s been established that the only way you would know The Truth is The Truth would have to come inside the ‘contained’ system from the ‘open’ system outside and tell you and show you The Truth, then perhaps you could also believe that The Truth told me to tell you, and pass along the message for Him. But all I can do is tell you, it is up to Him to show you.

So this is what you need to do, is meet with Jesus Christ, like Neo met with Morpheus. And I happen to know that Jesus Christ is free right now, so He can meet with you right now. There He is, right there with you. Really, He is. Will you take the red pill, and see for yourself what the Matrix really is?
To take the red pill, talk to Jesus and tell Him you want to take the red pill, by saying this (outloud) to Jesus:

“Hi. I am trying to talk to Jesus Christ of Nazareth, the one the Bible teaches, who the Christians say is the only Son of God, and who also is God, and who the Christians say is the only way to have a right relationship with God and receive the free gift of an eternal life of happiness. Jesus, I have heard that you are The Truth, and are perfect, and Loving, and Good, and if I believe and trust in you, that in you I will receive eternal life, and I’ve heard that by your death you took the punishment for all the things I’ve done wrong, so I can be completely forgiven by God for all I’ve done wrong. So I want to do that right now, and right now I choose to believe in you and trust in you Jesus Christ of Nazareth, who the Bible teaches. Jesus, let my speaking to you show you I believe, am willing to believe, and trust in you. Right now, I choose to profess belief that you are real, that you died to save me, and that you are the only Son of God, who is also somehow the one true God, who is Love. I thank you for dying to save me. I ask you, would you forgive me for all the things I’ve done wrong? I am sorry. I don’t understand it, but I believe that in you Jesus Christ, I am forgiven. I choose to profess repentance, and my desire for repentance from wrongdoing, I’m not sure what all I’m doing wrong, but please help me to do right? I would like an eternal life of happiness and Love. I invite your Holy Spirit of Love and Joy and Peace to come into my heart. Jesus, I ask you, would you save me right now? I don’t really understand all this, but trusting in you, I ask you to save me. Please help me to understand the rest, and reveal yourself to me fully. I want to know that I know that you are the Truth, and Good, and are Love, as Christians do. And please help me with the problems/attacks/harassment I’ve been having in my life, and make them stop? Thank you for saving me. In your name Jesus Christ I pray to you, and God the Father. So be it. “

Maybe you have just taken the red pill. If so please write me and let me know, and if not please feel free to write me also. If you have, then there is a further message for you from Jesus. He wants you to follow him and read His words in the Holy Bible, “If you continue in My word, then you are truly disciples of Mine; and you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free. Therefore if the Son makes you free, you shall be free indeed.” (Jn 8)
The Holy Bible is now no longer like other books for you, it is a Holy book which means it is live connection to the ‘open’ system – Jesus can talk to you through it real-time from the heart of the ‘open’ system. You will get further instructions from Him while reading it. It also doubles as a weapon, which you’ll learn more about that as you go. Pretty cool, huh? Start reading and keep reading, and you are soon going to learn about all sorts of other great ways that Jesus rocks! :)



A Modern Guide to Demons and Fallen Angels © 2007-2013
Paradox Brown

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