Alien Abduction Experiences: False Visions and Terrifying Dreams

Chapter 5 – Alien Abduction Experiences 
False Visions and Terrifying Dreams

Next we will compare modern alien abduction accounts to the Biblically based abilities of Fallen angels. The Bible teaches that Fallen angels can cause False dreams and False Visions. 

In False Visions causes by Fallen angels:

1. A Vision can seem totally real to a single bodily sense (like sight) or to all of the bodily senses, and a person’s self-perception is usually that they are in their body. 
2.  A Vision can affect one person or multiple people, though they may perceive it differently
3. A Vision can occur in a waking state, or in a trance state
4. A Vision can be causes by a visible angel, or an invisible angel
5. A Vision can involve some physical effects that remain afterwards, such as objects that remain with a person, and bodily effects, even internal ones. 
6. A Vision can involve manipulation of a person’s perception of time, like an hour in a minute. 
7. A Vision can contain just about any landscape, or any sort of characters, and can seem to involve travel, even though the person doesn’t actually go anywhere
8. A Vision can seem so real to the bodily senses that it is indistinguishable from reality, even in the case of people who are experienced with Visions, though God knows and can reveal the truth


What is experienced in “alien abduction” accounts?

Abductees report in their experiences that in some cases the experience feels completely real to the bodily senses, sight, hearing, touch, taste, smell, and time perception. Abductees can be adamant that some of these experiences were NOT dreams, but occurred in a waking state. Here are some common events in abductee accounts:

Seeing aliens of a wide variety of types

Walking through walls (themselves or seeing aliens do so)

Defying gravity (flying or floating themselves, or seeing aliens/spacecraft do so)

Travel to outer-space, other planets, and other galaxies, with no suit or spacecraft, and Travel to outerspace in spacecraft

Impossible scenarios, like breathing underwater or in viscous liquid, without drowning

Not breathing for a half hour or more in air, without suffocating or dying

Electromagnetic disturbances, electronic malfunctions

Alicein wonderland sorts of landscapes

Aliens’ bodies shape-shifting into new forms

Injuries that only last until the end of the experience

Injuries that remain after the experience, sometimes mostly healed and leaving scars

Strange or rare illnesses

Medical-like examinations and procedures including needles and drills

Time perception disturbances and manipulation, time loss, time gain

Sexual molestation, assault and rape

Miscarriages and false pregnancies with supernatural aspects

Physical pain and torture

Partial or complete paralysis during experience


As you can see, these experiences are often highly confusing, painful, and violating.

Now let’s look at some individual alien abductee accounts.

The case of “Robert” summarized from CE4 Research Group’s case files:
On a Monday, Joe and Robert had a conversation. Robert said he had been having abduction experiences with colorful light beings for a year. Each being was a different color, and looked much like the light-people in the movie Cocoon. He described that it felt real to his bodily senses, and he seemed in his body, however he did not need to breathe during his experiences. 
Later that week, on Thursday, Robert was in a car with his girlfriend. Robert slumped over like he passed out unconscious while in the car, and his girlfriend was with him. Robert experienced a long period of conscious time during what he later recounted as being like a vision with the beings. He felt he seemed to have gone somewhere else. However, to Robert’s girlfriend, he was in a trance state that only lasted a minute or so. But he experienced several hours’ worth of experiences, during the minute he was passed out. As his girlfriend was there with him, she saw he did not go anywhere, his body did not leave. Just in that week, since first talking to Joe, the experiences had turned very bad, and the light-beings were being very nasty to him, and Robert wanted the experiences to stop. Robert could somehow feel that an experience was about to happen, before it happened, precipitating the entities attacks on him. Telling his girlfriend beforehand, Robert had a second experience the same evening. 

-Joe Jordan, CE4Research, Unholy Communion: The Unwanted Piece of the UFO Puzzle

Robert said he had been having abduction experiences with colorful light beings much like the light-people in the movie Cocoon. He described that it felt real to his bodily senses, and that he seemed to be in his body; however he did not need to breathe during his experiences.

Robert had 2 experiences while seeming to pass out in a trance, which seemed to last hours for him, but his girlfriend said he was only in this state for a few minutes.

(Robert Continued)
Afterwards, Robert called Joe, telling him what had been happening to him that day. While on the phone, Robert could feel another attack coming on. This was the third experience that day, and he was again in a trance state, for a couple of minutes. His girlfriend, present, saw this, and talked to Joe on the phone while this was ongoing. When Robert’s experience ended, he got back on the phone and related to Joe that the beings who were attacking Robert told Robert that they “hated Joe” because he understood what was happening to Robert.

The next morning Joe and a Christian co-worker went to Robert’s house and met with him and his girlfriend. While there, Robert felt another attack coming on, but before he was forced into a trance again, they rebuked the entities in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, and Robert said he could feel the entities disappear, stopping the attack.
-Joe Jordan, CE4Research, Unholy Communion: The Unwanted Piece of the UFO Puzzle

As I mentioned earlier, time manipulation seems to occur in the Bible during False Visions caused by fallen angels. In this case, the experience could have been a False Vision, and matches the Biblical description very well. Robert experienced time manipulation, and the experiences were real to his bodily senses, and at the same time during his experiences he did not breathe for impossibly long periods of time (that is, his subjective time).

The case of Robert was of a False Vision which was real to the bodily senses, it fully overlaid objective reality, happened in a waking trance state, to one person. But there was a witness with Robert that saw him go into a trance state, and remained with him throughout. This shows, as is recorded in Daniel, that he did not go anywhere, but rather had these False Visions in his spirit, in his body, while remaining where he was.

This next case from an “alien abductee” is from “Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda” by the late Dr. Karla Turner PhD.
“Lisa had some conscious memories of encounters with the typical Grays, as well as missing-time episodes, multiple-witnessed UFO sightings, unexplained body marks, telepathic communications from unseen sources, and many dream-memories of ambiguous reality – except in those instances where other evidence pointed to an actual event. While the details of Lisa’s life-long involvement are certainly very typical, the alien intrusions are clearly more intense and frequent than in many such cases…

In 1980, however, Lisa did see something very different from the shadows, in a terrifying event. “A being appeared to me,” she recalled, “when I was a couple of weeks pregnant. We had just got into bed and Neal already seemed ‘out of it,’ and the being appeared on the end of the bed, squatting, telling me mentally the child I was carrying was special and it would be a boy. I almost had a fainting spell. I threw the covers over my head as the being was leaping toward me, I believe, and said, ‘In Jesus’ name, take it away!’ It disappeared, and I fell quickly asleep. It was about three feet tall, dark-skinned, leathery looking. I don’t remember anything else.” 
-Karla Turner PhD, Taken: Inside the Alien-Human Abduction Agenda, Pg. 36-37

I would also say this case was a False Vision, partially overlaying objective reality, in a waking state, and happening to one person. When rebuked in Jesus’ name the False Vision ended, and what she was seeing disappeared.

Transcribed from the Cursed Net internet radio show, the next case describes multiple witnesses seeing a UFO over a populated area.

Byron: That beings me to the question of when did you first see a UFO? And how did it affect you?
Kathy: The first UFO I saw I was probably in my very early 20s, there were three other people with me and we all saw it, only one of them remembers seeing it, and none of us remember what we did the rest of the day…
Byron: How could you forget such a strange instance, and its also puzzling to me how you could not remember what you did for the rest of the day, after an event like that, could that indicate this expression called “missing time”, may have taken place right at that time?
Kathy: That’s what I’m taking for granted now… I mean we had a long drive home, a couple of hours from where we were at the time, and none of us remember, we don’t even remember that weekend, I mean the next few days we all went, “What did we do Saturday? I don’t remember.” You know, but it gets fuzzier and fuzzier as the years go on…
Byron: What did it look like?
Kathy: It was huge, we were on a street with houses on both sides that backed up to a beach, and we were walking to our vehicles, and it came over us, and the reason I think we looked up is because it got dark, it was like the sun went away, and you could see the bottom of a … the starship enterprise, it was like mechanical looking stuff on the bottom, but you couldn’t see the beginning or the end of it, you could see it went past the houses on that side of the street, it went past the houses on [the other] that side of the street, as far as you could see in both directions, up and down, its like we were seeing just a teeny piece of the bottom of a huge spaceship… And there was virtually no sound either, that’s something one of the other people who was with me said about it, because I remember us saying that “It’s not making any sound at all” while we were looking up.”

-Byron LeBeau, Richard Stout and Greg Messina, 
with guest Kathy Land (1/5/09)

Happening in a populated area, in which a huge sun-blocking UFO would be arguably noticed by the residents, local police, and local news, this event seems more likely to be a False Vision than any sort of Physical Manifestation.  This was a False Vision shared by a group of people, who were all under a deceptive attack with False Visions at the same time. This waking False Vision seemed to only partially overlay objective reality, in that the UFO was seen but not heard to make any sound at all, while hovering over the neighborhood. But there were multiple victims which saw the vision, and missing time was noted by all involved. Missing time is can be described as a type of time perception manipulation. All of this matches what the Bible teaches is possible with False Visions caused by Fallen angels.

Once an abductee, Kathy is now a former abductee, and a Christian, whose experiences have been terminated from happening in her life, by the name and authority of Jesus Christ.

The next case is of Maureen:
 “Arriving at the nominated spot, all 3 people then sat in Maureen’s car. She saw the same “man” had appeared just outside the vehicle. Neither of the other 2, Judith Magee or Paul Norman, could see anything unusual present. Maureen says that the “man” was beckoning her to join him outside the vehicle. She refused to get out of the car.

Suddenly, according to the others present, Maureen “fainted”. She began a verbal description to them whilst she was in this apparent state of unconsciousness. She related she was in a round room somewhere, which was lit, but there was no visible source of illumination. This scene was indistinguishable from the consensus reality that we call “real life”.

The “man” just appeared in the room, in which there was also a mushroom shaped object rising up from the floor. This was stemmed, with a broad domed top. There appeared to be an inner hemisphere, wobbling around, and it was covered with what looked to be hieroglyphics on it. The “man” told her to describe what she could see, and this she did, to be heard by the 2 in the car. She could see no doors, or windows in this room, and so began to be scared. She started to cry, then woke, still in the car, with tears in her eyes, saying she could not remember anything that had just occurred. The 2 in the car filled her in on what had transpired.”
-Keith Basterfield, “Maureen Puddy: An Australian Abductee Physically Present During An Abduction”, 1992, As presented at the 1992 Abduction Study Conference at M.I.T

Two different aspects of False Visions are distinctly represented here. The first, like that of Kathy, was a partial overlaying onto objective reality in a waking state. However, unlike Kathy’s case in which all the people saw the UFO, in this case only Maureen saw the entity outside the car, while two people with her did not see it. Maureen alone was having a False Vision, while those with her were not. I would like to point out the same pattern occurs with “ghost encounters” in which someone with supposedly “special sight or powers” can see the ghosts but others with them cannot.

The second False Vision seen here was a full overlaying of objective reality, in a trance state. This is very similar to the case of Robert. The experiences were real to the bodily senses for Maureen, and she seemed to be somewhere else. But in this case Maureen was speaking to people with her while in the trance state, and in her case the passage of time seemed normal. Although she perceived herself in her body in another location in a way that felt real to all of her bodily senses, she never left the car and the two people with her. Maureen also spoke out loud to the people with her during this False Vision experience.

The next case may be of an extreme case of time perception manipulation, or there may be some other explanation for the experience. But we are going to cover this case assuming the time perception manipulation is factual as is recounted with insistence by the abductee. And time perception manipulation as we have covered occurs in False Visions. “The Mars Records” and “The Mars Records 2” detail probably the most extreme case of time perception manipulation I have read about in a False Vision, which is said to have lasted for a subjective period of 20 years. The entirety of the books by Stephanie Relfe, is about the experiences of her husband Michael, with many details.

To summarize, Michael was a childhood abductee, who in the 70s enlisted in the US military. In 1976 Michael had a very unusual experience. He remembered enlisting in a special military program. He then experienced traveling through a “portal” to Mars.

He experienced what seemed to be 20 years of time, which he spent on Mars, and afterwards he perceived his body was made younger and he perceived he traveled back through the “portal” to 1976. Then he was back on Earth, and the time was about a week after he remembers leaving to Mars. During those perceived 20 years he remembers being stationed on the planet Mars on a US military base, working in a Top Secret military operation. He remembers having a wife on Mars, who died on Mars. There were many aliens throughout his experiences, Grays and Reptilians, as well as a Martian population of millions of human people.

In several incidents in the books, the fallen angels include in the False vision a piece of technology, a “portal”, which is portrayed as a time travel machine. As seen in other cases, time can seem to be gained subjectively during abductions, in time perception manipulation. However, in the case of Robert mentioned earlier, while he experienced hours during a minute, his body did not actually go anywhere. This is known as a witness remained with his body for those objective minutes during his subjectively hours-long experiences. As such, actual physical time travel did not take place in either of these cases, but rather the False Vision enabled subjective time perception manipulation.

I would describe this 20-year experience of Michael as a False Vision, of extreme subjective duration in time perception manipulation. Other experiences in the book seem to involve Physical manifestation along with the False Visions.

It is important to note that sometimes fallen angels do cause abductees to see “humans” during a False Vision; however these are not real humans, but instead are part of the vision caused by the fallen angel (exceptions being cases of a group of people attacked together by fallen angels).

In many cases in which fallen angels cause False Visions of humans, the humans are military personnel, and advanced technology appears to be present, these kinds of abductions are called “Mil-abs” for “military abductions”. Except in rare cases of actual government investigation of abductions and interviews with abductees, these Mi-labs are caused by fallen angels, and are just a subset variety of more typical “alien abduction” experiences. The entire experience, like other False visions, is a vision, including the military personnel and advanced technology the person sees.

Remember, these experiences are real to the bodily senses, and the perception of time passage seems normal to the abductee during the experience. Fallen angels sometimes do display technology in False visions, technology which (deceptively) seems to work time travel, which adds a new layer of confusion for the abductee. Fallen angels have expansive supernatural abilities, which they were originally created with by God, and the technology seen is just part of the False vision, which is a deception.

About 2 years after this 20-subjective-year False vision of Mars, in the late 1970s, Michael became a Christian. In the book he gives God and the Lord Jesus Christ credit for his deliverance from the enemy.

“This book is dedicated to God and the Lord Jesus Christ, for without them this book would never have been written… I want to thank the LORD JESUS CHRIST, my saviour for His mercy and blessings and for removing me from the hands of the enemy. It is only by His love and grace that I am on the road to recovery from the effects of mind control and manipulation… 

“I also know that the enemy cannot do anything to me unless God allows it and that God has given me weapons to fight back (see the section on deliverance). I will use those weapons without hesitation…

“I believe that only God has the answer for what is happening to the world at this times and that spiritual warfare is a vital part of His ministry for these end times. It is clear that spiritual warfare and deliverance is the only thing that has not been used against these projects and that God’s weapons are superior to the weapons of the enemy.”
-The Mars Records, Dedication, Thank You pgs. 262

According to their website, Michael and Stephanie Relfe, both abductees, have been completely free from abductions for over 7 years now. They say this is from using spiritual warfare and deliverance methods, and through the name and authority of the Lord Jesus Christ.

In reference to being set free from abductions, Michael writes in The Mars Records 2, pg. 205: “You can do the exact same things as I have if you have a personal relationship with The Lord Jesus Christ and if you have faith and follow the warfare prayers in this document. Prayer does not rely on metaphysical abilities or training. I myself do NOTHING. God performs the miracles.”

So far we have covered a variety of False visions, but the next case of Howard, from CE4 Research Group, is one of terrifying dreams.

“…I was not a Christian at this time either. The next experiences I had with the Greys was several years after that when they decided to ‘contact’ me personally. I remember having a strange dream about them; it wasn’t anything bad but just strange, strange enough for me to remember it. I remember laughing about it to someone I knew. The very next night was absolutely terrifying and it left me in no doubt that I was under attack. In my dream I was running away from a UFO and it kept swooping down and buzzing me with its energy. Its energy was one of indescribable terror and malevolence. 
Anyway the next day I was quite alarmed because I knew these weren’t just dreams and that I was dealing with something quite evil and dangerous. Things got worse and worse because they kept at me every night. It got to the point where I became too afraid to go to sleep because I knew they were waiting for me.  Have you ever seen the film nightmare on Elm Street? Well I was living that. I do remember in my dreams that I used violence on them, but this did not harm them not even in the slightest. To be honest with you, I think they quite enjoyed it; it was like a game for them.  I was getting extremely desperate; I couldn’t work or think because I was too afraid to sleep so I was tired all the time.”

-CE4 Research Group, the Testimony of Howard,

This case described UFOs and “gray aliens” appearing in nightmares, which were so terrible they were causing him to be afraid to go to sleep. This is like the terrifying dreams and visions Job describes in the Bible, which he experienced while under attacks from Satan.

Howard later describes turning to the Bible for answers, and soon being set free from having these dreams which were destroying his life. He credits Jesus Christ and God with having freed him from these dreams.

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