I came from a rather dark spiritual background prior to becoming Christian. As such my personal experiences led me to look for answers about the evil side of the supernatural once I became a born-again Christian. I wish there had been a book for me to read when I became Christian that would help me sort through the Bible on these subjects. Something that would explain from the Bible both the history and powers of evil, what’s going on in the world today, as well as information on spiritual warfare methods. There was no such book, which is why I keep trying to write one. I look in the Bible for the answers to many questions on these topics.

Sometimes I feel God gives me insight and answers as I study His Word. And as I learn from the Word, I try to write and share in this book the understanding that I think God gives me. I believe this is the 4th rendition of this book that has been put out over the last four years. This book changes as I learn more, as I feel God teaches me new things, and may change again. It is not just a book, but rather is an ongoing project to put out a “Modern Guide to Demons and Fallen Angels” to inform people on these topics. This project takes a Young Earth perspective on Genesis, and takes the position of inerrancy of the original God-breathed Holy Scriptures. I believe this project is something God wants me to do, for the sake of educating and helping the church. All information presented herein I believe is true to the best of my knowledge at the time of this writing; I have tried my best. Still I encourage you, and ask you the reader, to prayerfully ask for discernment in reading, because we all make mistakes, and I know,

James 3:1 “Let not many {of you} become teachers, my brethren, knowing that as such we will incur a stricter judgment.”

So please pray for discernment in reading, so I may be judged less severely for whatever might be my mistakes herein, and you will surely benefit more from your reading. For in James it also says,

 “If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all [men] liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him. But let him ask in faith, nothing wavering.”

So, please pray and ask God to give you wisdom about this material as you read this information.

It is my hope that despite this information being full of such evil and dark subject matter, that it will be used by you, the reader, as a tool in spiritual warfare, to spread the Light, Good, and Love of the Lord Jesus Christ. This project is dedicated in the service of the Lord Jesus the Christ.

A Note: What follows is a study of fallen angels, including Satan, and also demons, from a Young Earth Creationism perspective. Dates are approximated. I consulted both the Hebrew and the Greek versions of Genesis. There are some points I would like to make before continuing, and those are: 1. Regarding the Old Testament, I tend to believe that the Greek is not inferior to the Hebrew. The earliest date possible from combining the information in the two versions is the date range I use. I do not believe at this point it is possible to get the exact year of creation, or the flood, so all ancient years are approximations. 2. In my opinion, there is not proof of humanity in archeology before proof of writing. The earliest archeological evidence of written language that I know of has been dated back to about 6600 BC, from China. Radiocarbon dating is not exact, and neither are some dates we can glean from scriptures. But they are close enough to fit in correctly with each other. As would be expected with a young Earth and literal reading of Genesis, most of the earliest found evidence of writing has been dated to after 5500 BC, which is about when the world was created. The majority of early writing generally dates to after 3500 BC, after the time the Bible says was a worldwide Flood. 3. When God had Moses write the first 5 books of the Bible, and give those books to the people of Israel, God was honest with His people. He meant what He said. At the time, those books, especially Genesis, were all God’s people had as the Holy Scriptures. Genesis was the only book He gave them which dealt specifically with creation. God made creation clear to them, and He makes it clear to us also. Genesis stands alone as the truth given about creation, and it must stand alone, and must be weighted with primary importance in studies of creation. The book of Genesis is true.

A Modern Guide to Demons and Fallen Angels © 2007-2013
Paradox Brown

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