A Scriptural Analysis of the History of Satan – Part 4 – Divine Council – Stars Swept Down By the Dragon’s Tail

A Scriptural Analysis of the History of Satan – Part 4 – Divine Council – Stars Swept Down By the Dragon’s Tail

If you want to learn in detail about the Divine Council, then read through Dr. Michael S. Heiser’s website, TheDivineCouncil.com. I first learned of this from his research and original work on it, which is really just revolutionary theology in the modern era, restoring concepts that obviously has gotten lost from the Christian knowledge base at some point. So most of my research on this draws from his research on it, though it is slightly modified, as I differ in my views in a few minor ways.

I cannot over-emphasize how important it is to understand the Divine Council research Dr. Heiser has done when it comes to understanding the Bible, and especially in this case, bible prophecy as it relates to Satan and other fallen angels. So if you haven’t studied his website, you really should do so.

I cover this topic in my book A Modern Guide to Demons and Fallen Angels, in the chapter called “The Second Wave of Fallen Angels”. So please go read that chapter, and then come back here. (I also cover this in a picture storyboard format, summarized in brief, in the video History of Fallen Angels, Abaddon, Sons of God, Watchers.)

[Chapter “The Second Wave of Fallen Angels”]

So now, let’s go back to our dangling clues.


Satan wants to exalt his throne above the stars angels of God, or angels of God.

Satan’s tail swept down a third of the stars or angels of the sky and casts them down to earth, seemingly after the flood, but before Jesus Christ was born.

Isaiah, circa 700 BC, calls Satan the king of Babylon, and prophecies against him. As well as Ezekiel, circa 550s BC, calls Satan the king of Tyrus, and also prophecies his downfall.

Satan offers to trade his authority over all the kingdoms of the world to Jesus in exchange for worship, Jesus refuses, but by that time Jesus calls him the “prince of this world” and Satan says he received this authority, but does not say from who, how, or when. But later Satan gives this authority to the Antichrist or Beast from the Sea.

satanedenWhen you consider these clues in light of the Divine Council paradigm, it becomes clear that all of these dangling clues points directly to the Divine Council. Tying it all together, it appears that when the divine council was formed, maybe 2000-2200 BC, when Peleg was born, around 100 years after the flood…that it was then that God divided the nations according to the number of the sons of God type of angel, who looked like men, and gave them responsibility over the nations. But then there was Satan, the serpent, who after deceiving Eve into tempting Adam, resulting in the Fall of mankind into sin, spends some 1600 years stationed in Eden, and likely it was then that he said, I will ascend into heaven, and when the flood took place, he became able to roam the earth and to enter heaven. But he did not receive a nation under him, as the sons of God did, because he was a cherubim type of angel, and not a son of God type of angel.

SatanSonsofGodAnd he saw the Divine Council assembling there, the sons of God, each having a nation they were responsible for, and in his heart, said, I will exalt my throne above the angels of God. And then we see him in Job, circa 1900-1700 BC, which is still early on, even as early as 100 years after the Divine Council was formed, assembling with the Divine Council, with an agenda in his heart to gain more power than them. And the first thing Satan does is to question God, so that God allows him to persecute, and harm, an innocent and righteous man named Job. This does not seem to be a good influence on the other sons of God, and before long we can see indications that they are not administering justice. We don’t know what else might have been going on behind the scenes, but we do know a third of the stars were swept down with Satan’s tail, indicating Satan was the cause of their fall.

To combine our prior dates, with these dates from psalms and Daniel,

Job took place 1700-1900 BC – when we first see Satan coming along to meet with the divine council, possibly being a corrupting influence, and definitely having an agenda to exalt his throne above them. Satan did have an agenda to gain more power than them, and so it makes sense that it’s possible he would have used his craftiness towards this agenda.

Psalm 82, around 1000 BC God says the angels are not administering justice, and pronounces a judgment that they will die like men. So judgment is pronounced on the Divine Council at this time.

And by 700 BC, God has Isaiah prophesy that Satan will be locked into the Abyss. That is the only standing prophecy at the time, besides “He will bruise your head, and you will bruise His heel.” Apparently if Satan understood either of these prophecies, they were not considered enough of a deterrent in order for him to change his course. And so here is where the clue fits into the puzzle: by 700 BC Satan had somehow acquired authority over the kingdom of Babylon. This would mean that whichever divine council angel had originally been given responsibility over Babylon, that Satan had received that authority from them, making him the spiritual king over Babylon, and Babylon was no longer under the angel God had originally given that position.

And so around 570-590 BC, God has Ezekiel give more of the prophecy about Satan, revealing that being locked in the Abyss is not the full extant of the consequences. God has made a decision, and Satan will be destroyed by fire. Also by this time, Satan has become not just the divine council member holding authority over Babylon, but Tyrus has been added to the list also. So Satan has not stopped what he is doing, but rather is continuing to acquire up authority over more of the nations by receiving it from the original Divine Council sons of God angels.

By about 50 years later, in the time of Daniel, there is an open battle occurring between God’s angels from heaven, and the Divine Council members on Earth, in which the prince of Persia prevents Gabriel from delivering a message to Daniel, for 3 weeks. There is some sort of outright hostility taking place against God’s angels, by those of the divine council, because Gabriel says that no one stands with him but Michael, Daniel’s prince, ie the divine council angel who was set over Israel at the time of Peleg. Apparently the other divine council angels have either given over their authority by this time to Satan. Or for some other reason, they will not help Gabriel, in any case, a battle is taking place.

Also around the same time Zechariah 3 takes place, around 520 BC, and though Satan is still apparently able to enter heaven around God’s throne, he is openly rebuked by the Lord. At the time of Jesus, 30 AD, by then Satan is called the “prince of this world”.

Revelation 12 stars fallen angelsSo it would seem that when Satan swept down a third of the stars of the sky with his tail, this is referring to when Satan worked out his agenda towards the angels of the Divine Council, it is likely this symbolizes that Satan influenced them towards becoming corrupted, as his tail sweeps them down like objects, even though they made their own choices, and somehow (it’s not specified how) Satan got them to give over their authority over the nations, over to him. It may be they simply handed it over to him, the passage doesn’t say, but it would make some sense after being corrupted by Satan, and judgment pronounced that they would die like men, that they simply handed their nations over to Satan, to carry out his further plans of rebellion.

In other words, God gave holy angels authority over the nations about 100 years after the Flood, setting up the Divine Council of good angels, around 2000-2200 BC. But Satan developed a plan, a goal, to exalt his throne above theirs. So probably starting at the time of Job, circa 1900-1700 BC, Satan started gathering with them, carrying out his agenda, eventually they became corrupted, and judgment was pronounced on them that they would die, and then somehow Satan got the Divine Council members to give their authority over to him, including Babylon and Tyrus. Satan started collecting up a nation at a time, until he had pretty much all nations under his authority, so then becoming the “prince of this world” by the time of Jesus.

The Divine council is not polytheism, it’s just that God entrusted good angels with power and responsibility over the nations. They were meant to remain under God as the supreme power, but having free will, they rebelled, and misused the power they had been entrusted with. After Babel it seems God did not want the people united under 1 ruler, so set good angels to have responsibilities over the nations so there would not be a power monarchy. But Satan, in rebellion against God, seemed to find a way to hack that system, find a loophole, and set up a power monarchy anyway.

m4-empiresSo this is how Satan swept down a third of the stars of the sky with his tail, before Jesus Christ was born, and after the flood. He seemed to corrupt the Divine Council, and effected a rebellion on Earth against God. And so in Luke 4, who had Satan received all this power from, that Satan tried to trade with Jesus in exchange for worship? The Divine Council members. Satan had received this power over the nations from the Divine Council members, slowly over a period of 1000-1200 years. Satan seems to have been working on this in between the time of Job in 1900-1700 BC, to the time of Isaiah in 700 BC when Satan is called the King of Babylon, and so by then was making progress in collecting up nations. And it seems that this means the woman in Revelation is mainly Israel, but also the seed of the women mentioned in Gen 3, as well as Mary in ways, being Jesus Christ’s mother.

Now, the reason it took a while to figure this out is because we tried to do this without walking in with an understanding of the divine council, which was a piece we needed to make sense of all this. However, understanding the Divine Council is not a matter of prophecy and puzzles, so much as a matter of a historical theological teaching that should have been standard in the first place. The Divine Council is part of Old Testament theology, and it is present in obvious ways, which do not depend on the puzzles or riddles of prophecy. Straightforward scriptures repeatedly reference to a group of angels over the nations. The Divine Council is just simply essential theology that should be standard for Christians in understanding the Bible. And that is why solving the puzzles of bible prophecy seems so dependent upon an understanding of the Divine Council, because these teachings are essential, and should be part of a standard theological framework.

Later on in the New Testament, these same fallen Divine Council members are who are referred to as the “powers”, “principalities” and “authorities” which we are in a battle against. Yet many Christians do not understand these are fallen angels being referenced, and neither have bible translators made this easy to understand. That certainly is not helpful for Christians having a good understanding of spiritual warfare, in the battle that rages on all around us.

Put on the whole armour of God, that ye may be able to stand against the wiles of the devil. For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities (arche), against authorities (exhousia), against the rulers (kosmoskrator) of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high [places]. Eph 6:11-12

Who’s causing people to see aliens and UFOs, Bigfoot and fairies, ghosts and orbs? Satan and the Divine Council, the fallen angels who are right here, right now. This isn’t just history, but rather they are actively engaged in a war against all humanity to deceive them, and especially Christians, right now. There’s probably one attacking your neighbor down the street, right now. We are living in a war zone, in a supernatural reality, the Divine Council has gone to war, against you, against all Christians, trying to deceive people, and many people don’t even see it for what it is. So please, educate yourself, and check out these websites, and share them with people who need the information.

If you haven’t heard this info before from Christian teachers or pastors, then why have you not? That would be because we are war, and over the last 2000 years Satan and the Divine Council have tried their best to cover their tracks, and obfuscate what is going on. They have tried to keep people from understanding these truths, and the Bible correctly, about Satan and the Divine Council, and replace truth with lies and ignorance.

A Modern Guide to Demons and Fallen Angels © 2007-2013
Paradox Brown

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