History of Laodicea, Charismatic Movement, Rapture and Overcoming

I just recently launched my new website, ChurchofPhiladelphia.net, a thought experiment in better defining the church of philadelphia today, per biblical guidelines, early church structure in the New Testament and how to avoid Christian cults were the first 2 posts. I suppose this is my attempt to start a site where I can cover other theological topics than demonology, and provide some better guidance for studies on doctrine.

Just posted the third post,  Charismatic Movement is Church of Laodicea – Is Calvary Chapel a Christian Cult? Vineyard, Neocharismatics This has a lot of overlap with this site, including some prophetic study of the church letters to Laodicea and Philadelphia, and the Laodicean “overcoming” and Rapture topic. It may be the first time I have delved much into current events and more recent church history. Using biblical discernment, we trace the antichrist spirit, false prophecy and sorcery down from the 1960s to the present day through the Charismatic Movement, George Van Tassel and Victor Paul Weirwille, to Lonnie Frisbee, then through Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard on into the NeoCharismatics, peaking with the Serpent’s Seed Heresy. We also take a look at if Calvary Chapel is a Christian Cult, and why people think it is one. It’s a long study but I think you will find it worthwhile, and is especially relevant to anyone who is part of the charismatic movement.

Here is some more detail on what was covered in this 9 hour 5 part series:
Understanding Biblical Old Testament and New Testament Church Structure
The Untold Coverup: The George Van Tassel / Lonnie Frisbee Connection – What Jesus on a flying saucer?!
What do the Way International Cult and Victor Paul Weirville have to do with Calvary Chapel?
How the Kundalini Chakti spirit entered the Charismatic Movement
The 2 Branches of the Tree of Laodicea – Calvary Chapel and the Vineyard
How to Identify the Antichrist Spirit – Denying the Biblical Jesus Christ
Tracking the Antichrist Spirit Down Through the History of the Charismatic Movement
Is Calvary Chapel a Christian Cult? Abuse, Authority Structure – Coverup, Lies and Deception
The Serpent Seed Heresy – 2 Branches – Return of the Nephilim and Army of Elect Seed
Chuck Missler, Conspiracy Theories, and Logical Fallacies
The Antichrist Spirit Indentified – Biblical Discernment – The Alien Agenda
Practicing the Bible, Spiritual Warfare, and Rapture Preparedness in the End Times
Teachings on Rapture and Overcoming to Laodiceans and Warning to Philadelphians
The Sky is Falling – Prophesied End of the False Prophets – The Storm of Hailstones

(See original post for further resources and references)

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Paradox Brown

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