Alien Abduction Experiences: Physical Manifestations

Chapter 6 – Alien Abduction Experiences 
Physical Manifestations

I am only going to be including one case example of the Physical Manifestation of a fallen angel, known as the Malmstrom UFO Incident. I think many Physical manifestations do take place today, in minor ways. Many of these could arguably be found on TV shows such as “Ghost Hunters” and similar paranormal shows, which record “voices of ghosts”, and things like that. Also, there are supposedly many real photos or videos of orbs, ghosts, and even UFOs and aliens on the internet. This seems to be physical manifestation, perhaps directly onto film. And this is besides the injuries which abductees get during False Vision experiences. These all seem to be minor physical manifestations which go along with False Vision experiences. But I am only going to be including one case of physical manifestation, which seems to be a major incident, and shows more of the extreme line that fallen angels seem to be crossing today.

There are many declassified military reports, documenting military encounters with UFOs. I hope these have a level of credibility that is acceptable. I only am personally aware of one such documented military reporting that fits the supernatural requirements to clearly show it was a Physical Manifestation of fallen angels. This is due to a supernaturally caused electronic malfunction that is otherwise unexplainable.

March 16, 1967
“Early in the morning on the sixteenth, at Malmstrom AFB in Montana, one of the most extraordinary events in the history of military-UFO encounters took place. Under a clear and dark Montana sky, an airman with the Oscar Flight Launch Control Center (LCC) saw a starlike object zigzagging high above him. Soon, a larger and closer light also appeared and acted in similar fashion. He called his NCO, and the two men watched inawe as the lights streaked through the sky, maneuvering in impossible ways. The NCO phoned his commander, Robert Salas, who was below ground in the launch control center. Salas was dubious. “Great,” he said. “You just keep watching them and let me know if they get any closer.” 

A few minutes later, the NCO called Salas again. As Salas later wrote, this time he was clearly frightened and shouted that a red, glowing UFO was hovering outside the front gate. “What do you want us to do?” asked the NCO. Salas told him to make sure the site was secure while he phoned the command post. “Sir,” replied the NCO, “I have to go now, one of the guys just got injured.” Before Salas could ask about the injury, the NCO was off the line. The man, who was not seriously injured, was evacuated by helicopter to the base. Meanwhile, Salas woke his commander, Lt. Fred Meiwald. As he briefed Meiwald, an alarm rang through the small capsule, and both men saw a “No-Go” light turn on for one of the missiles. Within seconds, several more missiles went down in succession. 

Twenty miles away, at the Echo-Flight launch facilities, the same scenario was taking place. First Lt. Walter Figel, the deputy crew commander of the Missile Combat Crew, was at his station when one of the Minuteman missiles went into “No-Go” status. He immediately called the missile site to determine the cause of the problem. Was it because of the scheduled missile maintenance, he asked the security guard? No, came the response, as the maintenance had not yet taken place. However, continued the guard, a UFO had been hovering over the site. Like Salas, Figel doubted the story. Before he had any time to reflect on this, however, ten more ICBMs in rapid succession reported a “No-Go” condition. Within seconds, the entire flight was down. 

Strike teams were dispatched to two of the E-flight launch facilities, where maintenance crews were already at work. Figel had not told the strike teams about the UFO report. Upon their arrival, however, the teams reported back to him that all of the maintenance and security personnel had been watching UFOs hover over each of the sites. 

The missiles were down for the greater part of a day. The air force investigation included full-scale tests on-site, as well as laboratory tests at the Boeing Company’s Seattle plant. No cause for the shutdown could be found. The Boeing engineering chief said, “there was no technical explanation that could explain the event.”

-Richard M. Dolan, UFOs and theNationalSecurityState, Pgs. 322-323

In the Malmstrom UFO incident, UFOs are associated with the supernatural electronic malfunction of at least 15 nuclear ICBMs. Scientists and engineers examined what had happened, and concluded “there was no technical explanation that could explain the event”. As such I would say these UFOs were caused by a fallen angel causing a large group to have a False Vision of the form of a UFO. But at the same time, fallen angels also physically manifested, so as to cause supernatural electronic malfunctions to several nuclear missiles in the immediate vicinity. This technological malfunction is a more major documented event of physical manifestation of fallen angels, which left behind documented military records as evidence that this event occurred, as well as some military personnel who claim to have witnessed this event.

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