A Modern Guide to Demons and Fallen Angels    
 by Paradox Brown



1. I'm looking for people that would be interested in translating, on a volunteer basis, some Christian material into other languages, Russian, Chinese, Portuguese, and Spanish especially, but any language would be great.

2. I'm looking for people who know how to add subtitles to DVDs using free (or very cheap) software, and would be willing, on a volunteer basis, to either subtitle some DVDs, or teach me how to do it.

3. I would love to hear from you with suggestions on how I could better explain things in the book, parts that are hard to understand, and generally any constructive criticism, on what I can do to help this book be as readable and understandable as possible.

If Any of these criteria apply to you, and you might like to help, please write to me at info@paradoxbrown.com